What I can’t live without


What I would grab on the way out of a burning building (once the family is safe of course)…

My nutribullet and my laptop lunch box. The nutribullet I use a lot to get fruit and veg into us in the most delightful way, adding oats, nuts, seeds etc for additional nutritional value and to make them more filing for breakfast.

The lunchbox was a back to work treat after maternity leave after I developed an obsession with bento lunch ideas and decided my life would be better if I had one. I certainly haven’t tired of it, Laptop lunch box wasn’t available here at the time, so I had to pay slightly over the odds to buy it from the states, but I’ve probably got my money’s worth by now.

Ryvita crackerbread fit perfectly into the container, so that tends to be my go-to quick lunchbox fix. Apple, carrots, raisins and peanut butter are included this time. Love my lunchbox!


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