“Chicken”, chestnut mushroom and tarragon pie


I have had this pie in my repertoire for a while, ever since a friend told me about a similar meat version that she makes. So I took the idea and modified it. It is a pot pie (so just a lid) to make it a bit less fattening.

A few sprays of oil
1 pack of veg*n “Chicken” (asda used to make a nice vegan one, but we don’t live close to one now so this is vegan quorn)
1 pack of chestnut mushrooms
200mls white wine
2 teaspoons died tarragon
1 tablespoon flour
Salt & Pepper
400mls ish of boiling water
Half a block of puff pastry

Preheat oven to 180°. Roll out a lid for your pie. Fry the”chicken” pieces and mushrooms until they start to colour. Add flour and cook out for 3-4 minutes. Add tarragon and white wine, add seasoning and thin out the sauce with some boiling water. Pour into your pie tin, add pastry lid, brush with your choice of milk, make a couple of holes to let steam out and put in the oven for approximately 20 minutes or until pastry is cooked – as the filling already is. Served here with cauliflower mash and mixed veg.

I sometimes double the filling ingredients and make pasties to freeze for another time (you need to reduce down the sauce until really thick if doing this). Added bonus – it uses up that other half of the pastry. Ok so the bad boys in the photo won’t be winning any beauty contests, but you get the idea.


I use a lot of onions and garlic usually, so it is nice to have something different. If you didn’t want to use fake meat, a bit of a mushroom medley would be lovely.



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