Peanutty quinoa and baked tofu


This is a recipe that will completely change the minds of tofu haters! Not that I am included in that group, massive fan of the beancurd here! Granted, on it’s own tofu is bland and has been sitting in even more bland liquid, you just need to know how to cook it and you can unleash the greatness of this fab protein source.

First you need to drain of the liquid and then squeeze out the rest, I tend to sandwich it between 2 chopping boards and then weigh it down with a heavy jar for at least 20 minutes. Apparently there are tofu presses out there, but I cope fairly well with my method! When all the liquid is out, it is like a flavour sponge. Which leads to the next must-do… marinate! Baking tofu really changes the texture too, making it pleasantly chewy which is a texture us veggies don’t get too often.

This quinoa dish is protein packed and delicious, one of those dishes that is nutritious and tasty too. Tofu haters, if you don’t get round to making this amazing baked tofu then order beancurd from a Chinese restaurant instead, as they really know how to cook with it – you won’t be sorry!



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